New way to learn-education apps

New way to learn – Education Apps

Years ago, it is hard to imagine that mobile phone will help educate people in such an interesting way. It it now a common view that children have their hands holding the mobile phone playing with various of fun apps and many of them offer great help to children’s pre-school or extra-curriculum education. These days more and more
education apps is on their way to hit the android apps market. To keep you well aware of the best and useful education apps, here we have a collection for the best android education apps.


Have you ever imagined that we can explore the space in such an easy but vivid way? It is ridiculous in the past but now with simply the NASA app, kids are able to act like a little astronaut. Clicking on over 14,000 space images, catching up with the latest news of space or NASA, watching live streaming of NASA TV, getting knowledge of current NASA mission and so forth. NASA provides high definition pictures and videos which allows kids to view the space so clearly and feel it from a first person sight. There is much more kids can learn and explore from NASA app. To get inspired, NASA is one of the top education apps I will choose.

2.Kids Finger Painting Art Game

Painting is always one of the best fun for children. With this kind of apps, kids are able to realize their limitless imagination. Also, mom don’t need to clean the messy room after the ‘color disaster’ any more. What’s more, kids can exercise fine motor skills and be cultivated to be creative and develop their hand-eye coordination all at the same time.

3.Musical Guitar For Kids

You never know what your kids are gonna be in the future. Bring out the little artist of your kids by letting them spread music ideas on Musical Guitar For Kids. Musical Guitar For Kids is a modern music instruments with different sound play. Let your child make music on your phone or tablet. Let your toddler and kids have great fun while learning to play guitar music with authentic sounds. Use your fingers to play colourful instruments such as the toy xylophone, drum kit, piano, saxophone, trumpet, flute and the acoustic guitar. Even babies will enjoy tapping on the guitar and hearing the sounds coming from the guitar music.

4.Speak English 2 – Kids Games

Wanna balance playing and learning English for kids?This fun educational game has 3 part: Listen – Speak – Practice

* Listen English skill: Teacher your kids basic structure as how to ask and answer about time, subject, price…

* Speak English skill: your Kids can learn lots of English vocabulary. Kids can recognize clothes, career, kitchen… and learn their English name. A good way for kids to learn vocabulary through image. So great for kids and preschool!

* Beside learning, your kids can practice to remember knowledge better. Kids have to choose the true answer to get the best score.

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